March 5, 2014

in between.

Gap jacket, Aqua sweater, 38comeoncommon skirt, Tout à Coup boots, Opening Ceremony bag.

Seasons, that is. Sort of kind of easing into spring here, which for Hong Kong means the weather is getting unpleasantly humid (as in, water-dripping-from-the-walls-and-damp-towels-never-dry humid). But at least I can ditch my winter coats and bring out the leather jackets, as well as bare my vampire-level pale legs a bit. Still surprised that my almost eternal (meaning five years) hunt for a simple black leather motorcycle jacket that wouldn't break the bank was solved by Gap. As for the pale legs, I'll be attempting to change that this time next week by flying off to a much hotter and sunnier location for a few days. My goal now is just to get the rest of those photos from Japan up before I leave again...did I mention that I'm an excellent procrastinator?


LaViiieEnRouge said...

I very like this look ! ^_^

casper+pearl said...

Amazing outfit, loving your style!

Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
casper&pearl blog xo

Fashoscope said...

Great Styling, that is the perfect leather jacket!