January 22, 2014

arashiyama, narnia and other things.

COS sweater, Sly jeans, vintage scarf, Papermint bag, Zara heels.

Photos from the third day of my trip to Kyoto. My sister and I discovered this very photogenic path on the other side of a tunnel near our hotel and proceeded to dub it 'Narnia'...mostly because the tunnel looked somewhat dark and vaguely creepy from afar, so we didn't expect to find much on the other side. Especially since the last time I walked through a somewhat dark and vaguely creepy tunnel was when I was 10 and resulted in my discovery of a graveyard as the sun was setting. Safe to say that 11 years later, I have at least become intelligent enough to explore such tunnels in the morning instead of the evening (I was, however, not intelligent enough to notice that I dropped my scarf on the way back to the hotel, and had it returned to me by a nice grandma).
After that I headed over to Arashiyama for most of the day, which ended up being my favourite spot this trip. Meaning I took too many photos and caused my camera to die by dinnertime. Here's a couple photos including Arashiyama's neighborhoods, the Oi River and some food, because I couldn't resist. Contemplating a post dedicated to the desserts I consumed in Japan at the moment...


Ice Pandora said...

Beautiful Kyoto c:
You look lovely as usual!

k come karolina said...

you look fab!!!

xoxo from rome

Style Me Endless said...

Can't go wrong with an all black outfit! You look amazing :)

Naelle - Once in Paris said...

The quality of your pics is amazing. and you look great!

very elegant the grey shades!

Greetings from Paris!

Mitha Komala said...

i miss kyotooo :( love your vest and bag, you look stunning <3

Letters To Juliet

The Fashion Scan said...

Love this look!!! Amazing pics!!! If you want take a look at my blog! Let me know! kiss :D


Nathalie Alexandra said...

this are lovely pictures and you look great


Alicia Mackin said...

Oh I an so jealous what an exciton trip, and love your photos. One of these days I am going to travel. Thanks for sharing.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Kristine B said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you and your sis are having a great time.

- Kristine B

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)
anyway, would you like to follow each other?



amalie said...

ohh love this look! the fur is so cute. and oh the food x

The Fashann Monster said...

Loving all the Japan photos! I'm going back through past posts to see more! You have a lovely blog & it's so fun to explore new places with camera in tow. Next time bring extra batteries! I always run out of space though so I need to bring more cards haha.

The Fashann Monster

Putri Valentina said...

Super cool place and love the fur vest :D


Putri Valentina said...

Cool place and great picture, love the fur vest too :D


natalia wijaya said...

you looks amazing and seems like you had a great time there :)


Allie said...

You are SO chic; I love everything about this look :)

Following you now!


Yuka said...

wow i love these photos. makes me miss japan so much! and i definitely think you should do the post on desserts! :)

Ariel | couturing said...

Love the way you style your outfits! You have great pieces.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! x

Wynne Prasetyo said...

super chic! ah kyoto looks so beautiful.

naomihtris said...

very stunning


Tanja S. said...

Oh my gosh, this looks so beautiful! Hope you had a lot of fun over there - glad you got your scarf back! Black on black outfits do always work :)