July 9, 2012


alice + olivia top, uniqlo jeans, ysl bag.

Sorry for the unimaginative post title, not feeling too creative at the moment. But I have been wearing this top too frequently not to post it. I never disliked peplum but I always thought it was a bit too dressy for everyday wear, so I didn't bother partaking in this trend.
But I guess my perception was mainly influenced by the types of fabrics peplum clothing come in (I always think of thicker/fancier fabrics)...because this top has changed my mind. It's your basic white tee with a peplum stuck on, making it versatile enough for both casual and dressy (well, dressier) events, as well as comfortable enough to wear even on a red-eye flight that lands at an inhumane hour.
So I give in. Thumbs up to peplum, and I might need another top like this.


Laura said...

That's a beautiful outfit!!


Carina said...

Love how you styled this, so classic looking :)

♥ Natalie said...

Really beautiful shirt!! <3


Fashiable said...

Lovely peplum top!


Annia said...

I just found your blog!
I love it!!!

I made a blog a couple of months ago too!
I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
Thank you!


Friend in Fashion said...

Can't go past a good peplum!

Friend in Fashion

Jacquelyn said...

Love the peplum top! Very classy outfit!


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Gillian Uang said...

I want your top! too cute <3


clara thomas said...

pretty as always!
loveeeely top! super love <3

Jull Diaz said...

beautiful blouse!
I love how you look :)

A stylish distraction said...

This is a lovely outfit, such a good look on you!
Love your blog!

Phuong said...

the top is so pretty!

Travel in Style

Ruby and Rosa said...

i want that peplum top!
you really GORGEOUS in each photos ♥
ruby and rosa

Anonymous said...

loved the jeans. hugs your ass magnificently. the top is so simple that it is elegant. love your deadly look with the shades on.

Hannah said...

Beautiful, I love this outfit so so much!

Rinny said...

You look great! I love the peplum top - this outfit looks like it would be perfect for work :) I love your outfit photos - you take great pictures!

sajuki said...

You look great ! Love this top :)

immerlight said...

Great outfit! Love your shirt!