April 4, 2012

sugar lips.

como leather jacket, madewell blouse, sugarlips skirt c/o sugarlips apparel, bcbg heels.

I recently received this pretty Gathered Form skirt in the mail from Sugarlips Apparel! It's simple, draped, and gray/black...meaning it fits in perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. Versatile pieces like this are what I build my wardrobe around and always keep going back to, whatever the occasion. I had a hard time figuring out how to wear the skirt for this post because there were too many options...
Thanks to my patient boyfriend for taking these photos for me, and making me not scratch my legs when I got attacked by mosquitoes while these photos were being taken. Happens every time I expose my legs and go 100 meters near any plant when Hong Kong gets warm. And if I scratch, my bites turn approximately the size of quail eggs. Not attractive, to say the least.


Despina T. said...

amazing outfit.love it from bottom to top!great :)

Fashiable said...

I love Sugarlips! I also have an item of them. Love your heels!


Jacquelyn said...

Love your leather jacket and shoes! I'm so allergic to mosquito bites I remember when I went to HK I had a million of them, not fun.


Isabelle said...

These shoes are perfection!

k come karolina said...

you look great!i love it!!!

xoxo from rome

s2danii. said...

love the pop of colour from your top! Aw dang those mosquitoes. The ones in asia scare me... they're immune to american repellent, and their bites are extra painful D:

Stephanie said...

Love this whole look head to toe!


J. said...

Great skirt! The grey is as versatile as black but fresher.

sajuki said...

pretty skirt !

michelle_ said...

missed looking through your stylish outfits !
i am loving that draped skirt very much emily :)


A. said...

Ohhh! Acabo de descubrir tu blog, es genial! :)
Me sigues en TWITTER?, yo también te seguiré ;)

Lindsey said...

So so pretty, love the heels!! Followed xx

Dale Janeé said...

OMG, you look so cute and sorry about the mosquito attack, sounds horrible! You look great in this gathered skirt and I love this shade of yellow!


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!

aipmilo said...

I like ur style, it's classic but orginal. I love ur heels, they're so pretty.
Kisses from Poland :)

Oliwia Jaworska said...

amazing shoes ♥ ;)


Sera said...

your skirt and the shoes are da bomb!


Sevan said...

omg I love those shoes! x


Aimee Victoria Long said...

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stephanie gracia said...

i like the shoes and the whole look is amazing! great style and fab post! ;)

Miss Kwong said...

you're so chic.... i love the mix of everything!
the yellow elements are so cool too.


Find me on:
Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

Deadly Inlove said...

Love your outfit! It seems I have a style mate! <3

Love Love Love!

Folllowing yooouu!

lizchewy said...

You look great!! That is a very nice skirt!!


Kimbunnii said...

Cute look!

jessica wu said...

OBSESSED with those heels.... they're like, PERFECT!


After Dreams said...

I love your outfit, specially your heels xx

Sweet darling. said...

Loving that skirt :)
But have to say the heels are sooo awesome and my fav :)


Jesika said...

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