December 8, 2011

vedette sensuale: i've got nothing to hide.

zara blazer, lush skirt, butterfly wedges.

An overdue post from the end of summer! Vedette Shapewear kindly sent over another piece a few months back, this time the gorgeous Silvana bustier from their Sensuale collection. Their Sensuale collection is elegant and sensual (as the name clearly suggests), as well as more opulent than the rest of their products (think Italian lace and Swarovski crystals).
The Silvana was no exception. It is both sexy and tasteful, with impeccable detailing that isn't overly extravagant so you can easily pair it with some simple pieces and walk down the street feeling like you've got nothing to hide, not like you forgot your shirt. The point of the Sensuale collection is for you to feel confident in what you're wearing and who you are, because life's a little bit too short for you to hide yourself.

(Also, Vedette Shapewear is going nationwide in the US and doing giveaways in various areas...right now it's Hawaii! So if you live there and want the chance to win free shapewear, enter here. And if you don't live in Hawaii, keep an eye out for when Vedette hits the other states.)


Kira Lilly said...


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sajuki said...

amazing :D

Sydney said...

did you draw these?? amazing!!

Sweet darling. said...

I have got to say that looks amazing :)