April 18, 2011

i'll never be the same, i'll tell you for sure.

zara blazer, h&m tank, oysho silk shorts, vintage prada bag.

Finally got a new pair of glasses the other day...since I've been blessed with infamously imperfect Asian eyesight, I've needed them for about 6 years but I wear contacts most of the time. I don't know why but I dislike having something sit on my face all day, it makes my face feel dirtier. Anyways, it was really the embossed leather arms that caught my eye, makes these glasses a little different and gives them a sort of classy, vintage feel I love.
Pulling out some old stuff in this outfit too, I don't think the shorts or the bag have made an appearance since last summer. I always go through cycles with my clothes and can never bear tossing/giving anything away when it's still in good condition...which is proving to be a problem since Hong Kong apartments are not exactly known for being spacious.


Diary of Mia said...

love the blazer!!


AlejandrA said...

the blazer and bag are great! I love it! nice look!

ohmygoodness said...

You look so chic babe! Love the blazer, + the glasses are gorgeous, although i know what you mean about having them on all day not being very comfortable! I always feel very enclosed + boring in mine.xxx


I love this look! The stripes with the red blazer look great together. The silk shorts are amazing! Love the glasses! Kiah

Sofie said...

the leather arms on those glasses are so gorgeous!
exactly as you said, they look very classy (´▽`)

Marcella said...

Love the bold blazer, so effortlessly chic!

Tegan said...

I love how you've worn that blazer xo

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so pretty. x hivenn

Darci said...

Great looking glasses (that work well with your face - as yours do) are really hard to find. I've been on the search for 2 years. Until then, I'd better keep my contacts prescription up to date!

Deanna said...

You look great. I love the red blazer. And i totally get the eye glasses thing, but for those i would get over it.

Judy Nguyen said...

love the red blazer!

Rosanna said...

i love your blazer


J. said...

Red blazer...fabulous!

Francesca said...

love the color of your blazer dear! and those glasses look lovely

Annabelle Fleur said...

Stunning look, you are so beautiful! I love your gorgeous blazer and bag! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Vanesa said...

Love love love the red blazer!



slimming underwear said...

Lovely and cute.You have clear figure that most Asian girls are lack of.Good on you,sweet!

Béracha said...

beautiful blazer!

denise eleto. said...

great outfit & i love your glasses♥.


Georgia said...

love the glasses!



Georgia said...

love the glasses!



Neekoh said...

I adore the red blazer! Such a perfect staple piece. And the glasses are so awesome. Quirky and chic.
I just got new contacts, but next check-up, I think I'm gonna have to try some of these babies out :)


Anonymous said...

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