February 10, 2011

yeah she got a fake id they'll never know she's seventeen.

johnnys bird, studded hearts, sonia szotak, we live young, tumblr.

In the mood for some messy hair and general disheveled, rolled-out-of-bed goodness...plus leather, lingerie, an American Indian headdress, and a little face paint.
Makes me miss summer/California/the desert.


behindblueeyes said...

wow great pics!
a lot of inspirations

that girl lucy said...

Daul, so gorgeous :(
and Nirimi is amazing.
perfect post em!

nina oliva said...

Great selection... I wish for some summery vibe here too!

and thanks for your comment! =)

Lisa said...

Such a perfect post, just came out of bed myself and I want to stay home all day... but unfortunately I can't. Lovely post!

Love, Lisa

dEJOISS said...

Cool! I love the 10th! :)


fhen said...

great inspirations pics!
love the 8th

jamie said...

cool photos <3
i bet california/the desert misses you too babe.

Oslo by fashion said...

love these pitures! got me inspired for shoots myself :)

Shevah said...

Love these photos!

Allegra said...

adore the American girl pic and the 2nd pic of this post.. amazing!

"this fashion lark." said...

These are all lovely x

Anonymous said...

I love how sometimes the disheveled look has a fine line between stylish and trashy, coke addict. Some of these girls are seriously bridging that line haha

xo Sherrie

Vee said...

this collection of photos is so bad ass!!! and the title is genius! love your blog!
will follow

Joni said...

im so happy you enjoy these!

some of my favorite photographers.

xox (come visit my blog && look @ the bottom youd love the rest of those as well)

calla said...

yummy pics! messy unwashed day old hair = love!


Tonya said...

I love these photos. I wish I could roll out of bed and look amazing! hahah


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so beautiful. x hivennn