February 25, 2011

halogen's on bright when 2 pm is like 2 in the night.

free people sweater, h&m shirt, splendid skirt, tabbisocks thigh highs, zara booties, vintage furla bag.

I love this huge knit sack of a sweater, from the seam running down the front and back to the deep V-neck to the faded, sort of tea-stained shade of dusty pink it is, if that makes sense. Or maybe I'm too descriptive with my colors...I once spent 5 minutes arguing with a friend if the color of a pen's ink was more like "creamy coral" or "strawberry fraise" only to have my other friend (the owner of the aforementioned pen) tell us to shut up because it was "just red". Wrong. So wrong.
Unfortunately all the thick knit fabric I have to stuff into my waistband can be a pain and will poof out weirdly, but I guess that's just a natural side effect of trying to tuck anything this oversized in.
Other than that, I'm just waiting for it to get warmer and sunnier (so far the weather's obeying me reluctantly) and being productive while I wait (like joining a dance class because I haven't properly exercised in ages). I just might have a tropical weekend getaway coming soon...after I finish these damn papers and midterms.


Jes said...

gorgeous chunky knit lady. looks great xx

jessica wu said...

what a gorgeous sweater and even better purse, it's stunning!!


The.Red.See said...

Great outfit, love your sweater!

Silkybow said...

your outfit looks great! Love the sweater, i would definitely wear the outfit :D

behindblueeyes said...

awww great outfit!
I love it

behind blue eyes <3

collagevintage said...

Great look, love your sweater.

Song Anh said...

Oh midterms! All of my projects and midterms are due this coming week as well so I can relate. Ugh! Good luck with yours!

I really like the sheer button up that you are wearing underneath your sweater. The way the your socks are see-through somehow balances with the sheerness very well!

Cup of Fashion

nina oliva said...

I always argue with my boyfriend about colours and how to describe them ;-)
Loving those oversized knits too!

Vee said...

wow!!! i love how you paired a sheet blouse under the massive comfy-knit sweater! its gorgeous!

--Sanam-- said...

I love that oversized V-neck sweater and the way you styled it :D Great look :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

that girl lucy said...

wow dude that free peope sweater is like the perfect knit. looks so good over the buttoned up sheer too x

rebecca said...

that jumper looks lovely! but yes, i can't wait for it to be sunny either. hurry upppp


JoJo said...

i love the oversized sweater and the booties :)

i can't wait for Winter to come down here, it's just too warm right now!


Marella said...

Amazing lokk dear! <3

JC said...

the pullover & overknees are AWESOME.

Vanesa said...

Emily your outfit is perfect! you look so beautiful!
I love all you are wearing!
Now, you are into my love bloglist!

We keep in contact!



amalie said...

great outfit! love that knit sweater - and the mesh shirt underneath.

my.amalgam said...

sweeeet bag

nice look


heylila said...

love your outfit!! winter doesn't look so cold wherever you live :) I always have to put like two layers of tights on to feel kind of warm...I need summer so badly!!!



Deanna said...

I love everything about this outfit!

Stefany said...

Lovely blog and this outfit is so nice. I love the knee high socks :) xx

Wida said...

I love that sweater too! You look great!

Missing Amsie Blog

Marie-Renée said...

cute outfit!
& thanks so much for your comment!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so beautiful . love your boots&bag. x hivennn

ellieand said...

I second that bid for sunshine! xxx

I l l e said...

Love the bag. I'm that jealous ! Do not wonder, if you see the it on my blog next time ! ; )

K i s s e s



ambrelabelle said...

thanks for the comment on my blog sweetie :)


F@WearItWithFlair said...

Thanks for the comment!
Love your blog, very cute!
Love your outfit too!
You have a new reader/follower!


www.wearitwithflair.blogspot.com - I hope you become a follower!

Carmen To said...

i love the oversized sweater! it looks great on you :) i love how you can rock those thigh highs. i feel that i'm too short to wear them :( looking forward to more of your posts!

love, carmen

Katie said...

great look! i'm lovin those socks!

tailorstitch said...

I'm really in to chunky knits at the moment so of course I love yours!!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous sweater! I'm been layering my button downs with sweaters like so, but definitely need a sheer blouse to amp it up.

αвву M. said...

that sweater looks so comfy! actually the whole outfit! :D

Haute-fly said...

beautiful blog. I'm now folowing, please feel free to have a little look at mine.

Thank you,

Anna S said...

Great outfit! :)