June 28, 2010

under paris skies.

cynthia steffe jacket, american apparel tee, oysho silk shorts, martin + osa scarf, prada crossbody bag.

Apologies for being gone longer than I projected, I didn't envision getting sick twice in the week after I came home, which isn't very compatible with unpacking and sifting through over 3000 photos. But now that I have achieved the ability to semi-breath through my congested nose, here we go.
These are from the last few days of my trip, which I spent in Paris. After deciding our feet were going to fall off one afternoon if we didn't stop walking and take a break, my sister and I sat down at a cafe near our hotel, had crepes with nutella and espresso, and people-watched. It was so lovely and relaxing, I had fun checking out the streetstyle especially. While this wasn't my first time to Paris, a few days was nowhere near enough for me. Especially not when it came to shopping...I didn't buy a single item of cloting in Paris, if you would believe that! I did get the shorts I'm wearing in another city-the first pair of paperbag waist shorts I've ever found that fit me.

June 12, 2010

this condition can't be fixed.

ilovewildfox, leatherandlimes, flickr, lordhowtheyhypnotize.

Yep, another automated post. I've wanted to post some of these images for ages so I figured I might as well now...before I bombard this blog with photos from France. Which hopefully people don't get tired of. This will be the last post until I get back (and recover) though...so sit tight I guess and thank you to everyone who's kept checking out this blog despite my prolonged abscence! I hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful day. Or night.

June 8, 2010

let's make a journey.

gap denim jacket, loeffler randall sandals and keds (first pair i've owned since i was like 6), assorted tops and dresses and non-blue denim, studded needsupply bag and alexander wang bag.

No, I didn't find internet access while in France, this is just an automated post unfortunately. I really didn't want to not post for two weeks...anyways, these are just some of the things I packed away to take to France. I tried to create a super mix-and-match wardrobe since I didn't want to pack a massive amount of clothing...think black, gray, and white with a few drizzles of bright colors and pastels, all topped off with a sprinkling of studs and zippers. With the optional sides of blue denim and recently acquired jewelry. Don't know why I'm making it sound like ice cream.

June 4, 2010


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So I was just going to find a nice photo of some balloons or something and leave it at that, but I kept finding non-balloon photos I liked...and my quick little birthday post turned into a regular inspiration post. Oh well. I'm still in a pastel state of mind apparently, even though I don't actually wear a ton of it myself.
My eighteenth bithday kind of hit me unexpectedly in the face. But I'm legal now! Hah.
Now back to my frantic, kind of last minute packing. Less than a day till I leave.
Hope everyone has a lovely day!

June 2, 2010

we are vagabonds, we travel without seatbelts on.

wilt sweater, old uniform shorts, loeffler randall sandals, vintage prada bag, gifted necklace, kara's accessories ring.

Grrr I can't believe things have been this hectic as of late, I really wish I was posting more as of right now. Between cleaning, packing for France, running errands, dealing with/fixing the hearing loss in my right ear, school reunions, preparation and dance practices for my friend's traditional Filipino 18th birthday debutante party, the actual party (which was immensely fun, but it took up the whole day, which I spent hobbling around in heels), and temporarily losing my memory card reader...I'm exhausted. Sorry for the long sentence.

I've been wanting to feature this bag for ages but somehow never got around to it until now. It's another one of those things I dug out of my mom's closet (my favorite place to shop)...and is a bit beat up but I only love it more. The necklace was a slightly early birthday present from my sister...her knowledge in my taste of jewelry is spot on. And the shorts were unappealing from a uniform point of view, until I cuffed them and thus sated my desire for a pair of pleated, high waisted, and cuffed khaki shorts. For now, at least.

And on France, as I said last post...unfortunately I'll have very little to no access to internet or even a computer during the trip, but I will be bringing back a little something (or somethings) for the g word...

(Which is giveaway, for the record. Not gorilla, gorgonzola, gadzookery, or gynotikolobomassophile.)