July 22, 2010

le transat.

splendid crop top, american apparel high waist shorts, need supply bag, hallmark ring.

Sorry for the mini hiatus, I sort of overdosed on blogging last week and took a small break.
Anyways, some more photos from the pretty and picturesque Bretagne, France, after an amazing dinner at a (primarily seafood) restaurant (the name of which is the post title). This is saying something, as I'm really that huge of a fan of seafood. But I loved it here, as well as the pasta and the dessert. I took a photo of nearly every dessert I had on the trip because, well, I love dessert.
And this turned out to more of a food porn post; my simple outfit is equivalent to a side dish to all that fantastic food. I should probably throw in something related to what I'm wearing, so I'm going to say: as much as I love those American Apparel shorts (which I want in coral!)...they are not suited for gorging one's self.


tiana said...

that shirt looks so soft! i love the picture of the shrimp, so funny

KcomeKarolina said...

oh! i'm hungry!!! lovely photos!
crop top is fab!

Katie said...

Very cute outfit!

☁ christine ☂ said...

Mmm yummy!!

Heeey, your ring matches your bag! :) You look beautiful, as always.

Trevor said...

o i liiiiiike this post! this outfit is awesome, and i like your bag =] the first photo is really cool, the background is really cool offers so much variety and you fit into it so perfectly =] also you look very good in the second picture, i like your attitude portrayed =] and all the food looks, delicious, but i think thats partly due to your amazing photography skills. the desert looks very interesting. also the last photo is cool.

*rachelwears said...

cute outfit, esp the bag! you're so cute!

Anthea said...

You look lovely as always :)

Mumbles said...

your photos are great
and I love your outfit there
hope you're having a great summer


Kayraheart.fashion said...

i can never pull off a crop top!! But u definitely can coz u look so awesome in it!

Luci Ana said...

You look so awesome! Love your look :)

Mariion said...


The Runaway Dress said...

Seafood + France + Crop Top = Love

Laura Tenshi said...

The picture with the Coca-cola glass it's my favorite. Love your bag and the cropped top.

nickyboutique said...

Nice outfit!

Neekoh said...

Well done with the crop top! I feel like it's one of the more difficult silhouettes to pull off (for fear of looking skanky), but you've made it work so well!!


Clara said...

wow! amazig pics
i really love your blog

Cristi Silva said...

Yah dude! thos food photos are not fair....I am so hungry now :)

I love your ring, and how you seem to build an outfit around a piece.

:) So Rad!

Martha said...

I love your bag!
mmm I'm really hungry for pasta now <3

johanna said...

you look adorable and the food.. YUMMY

jamie-lee said...

Yumm the crab looks so good!

I love those shorts - I have them in the light blue/grey colour and almost bought the coral, it's such a fantastic colour x


IAmBackstage said...

Wow! I need that bag!

Nice blog. :D


le pearl said...

very nice photos. you eat like a queen!

Doremy Diatta said...

i love this post, and you've got a beautful blog

now following you, follow me?

come by again soon

English Rose ♥ said...


Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments and support darling, it really means a lot ♥

Have an immense weekend dearest =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Ashley said...

I love your bag, it's gorgeous! And that lobster is seriously mouth watering! :)


sahara. said...

after reading this earlier on today, i went and made pasta carbonara X)
love your outfit.


Leather said...

yeah i feel hungry now..amazing location!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Not keen on Pasta but I adore seafood; crab and so forth. The scenery in the first image. You are looking lovely as always.
Happy Saturday and a nice weekend to you!;-)

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

love the bag and the food looks delicious!

Anna Katrina said...

beautiful scenery & bag!

stop by sometime <3

Indie.Tea said...

Your outfit looks great, love the cropped top with the shorts. And the food leaves me a bit speechless...it looks amazing!

Maryn said...

ur crop and ur ring are so nice! thanks for ur comment!



Ali said...

Your bag is too awesome. :) I love triangles and studs, so it's just great.

Zabrinah said...

I love it!!! Of course, I'm in love with the bag! But those AA high waist shorts are working for you!!! You look fierce, classy, and just plain amazing.

I want a pair!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Page said...

wow lovely pictures!! I love the outfit and scenery and food!! :)

J. said...

HAHA! I love food pictures (porn!) Thanks for sharing!

我 moi said...

Hey hey, so sorry for the late response, thank you so much for the comment on my blog, and *yay* we are both bi-lingual in English and Cantonese, how cool is that!!!!

I am loving your blog very much, your photos are beautiful!

Keep writing, keep taking pictures, keep posting, keep blogging!!!!