July 1, 2010


tresors des oceans striped shirt, old uniform shorts, dip dye keds, hallmark cross ring, kara's accessories stone ring, ring from france.

One of my favorite destinations during my trip was the walled city of Saint-Malo in the Brittany region of France. Such a gorgeous place...and the hotel I stayed in was right next to the beach, always a plus. Too bad it was rather cold and windy, despite the sunny photos, which squashed my fanciful idea of shooting photos on the beach wearing some sheer, flowing dress that would billow in the wind. Unless I wanted to freeze, of course. So I pulled out the only other item of clothing I bought in france, a breton striped shirt...I am weirdly delighted by the fact that I actually bought a breton stiped shirt in the place its named after (Brittany). Maybe it's because I've been searching for one for too long. I love how the stripes on the arms start way lower than the stripes on the body.


Kayraheart.fashion said...

In love with ur rings!!! And gorgeous pictures!!!

Laura Tenshi said...

Love your stripped blouse and your forever 21 ring. Don't worry, Top's hair is still dark, he only dyed it for the " Tell me goodbye " music video. Yey, are you a VIP ? It's so nice to meet kpop fans, have a great day

Bijou's Style said...

cute pics!

love the jewels



michelle_ said...

glad to be back at your blog emily !
i really ADOREEEE your rings there !
they're all pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

The Serial Dresser said...

these are pretty awesome uniform shorts, haha.
this place looks amazing! like an mpressionistic paiting or something.
thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

KcomeKarolina said...

great place!!!

xoxo from rome

fritha louise said...

Love the cross ring. Really nice outfit, the breton and those shorts look great together.

Jes said...

Gorgeous babe. Love those shorts xx

Jennifer said...

You are too adorable! I LOVE your blog! I am now following! :) Keep it up!

&& your loook iss great! Comfy and stylish! I really want that cross ring! :)


p.s. thx for stopping by and leavin' the love..hope to see you back..or possibly follow?


Isabel said...

i love the stripes!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

jessica wu said...

I LOVE YOUR SHIRTT!! and those rings. drool
great pictures


The Runaway Dress said...

Your rings are amazing. Really nice pictures, I love how the horizon is all of those elegant buildings.

Adele said...

I love this look Emily, the sweater with shorts! Loving the rings!

- Adele

ari said...

love your rings, beautiful photos~

Anonymous said...

i love your striped shirt, i've been looking for something like that! wow the beach looks amazing

Trevor said...

oooh i love this outfit! =] its awesome, love the shirt and the shorts together. the rings are awesome too, of course. =D i really like the beach scenery too, its great. love the first five a lot!
the france posts have been so good, cant wait to see more! =]

Juliet said...

I love this outfit!

juliet xxx

Sugar Kane said...

Uhhh you are so lovely!
I'm obsessed with stripes and your outfit is absolutely cool!

Clare said...

Love the stripes!

tweet tweet tweet


rebecca said...

I've been here!! It's lovely (:


Francesca♥ said...

this is a great post, ive always considered france abit boring but you have certainly opened me up to a new view! ♥


Lynzy said...

Just wandered onto your blog, LOVE it. You have yourself a new follower!

Follow me?

Happy 4th!
xo Lynzy

Marcie said...

Stunning pictures! I really need to visit this place. More importantly, your outfit is awesome! I love the navy stripped shirt. It is perfect for summer.

Love your blog!

xo Marcie

Away with the fairy's said...

Love love love this outfit! great pictures :)


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

although i don't know the feel of icy cold water as it is always rather warm here, at least you got to dip you toes in the sand...one of my faves in the beach.

ps. loving the breton stripes...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Meg said...

Such a cute look!


that girl lucy said...

on a beach. IN FRANCE. i cannot think of anything better!