July 7, 2010

along the seine.

alexander mcqueen for target dress, madewell cardigan, aqua blazer, loeffler randall sandals, martin+osa scarf, f21 necklace.

Back to France. These photos are from my last evening in Paris when we took a dinner cruise down the river Seine. Unfortunately, it was a bit on the cloudy and gray side (I was hoping for a dazzling sunset to finish my trip off, hah) but lovely all the same. Layering was kind of my best friend while I was in France because it turned out to be colder and windier than I expected.
I'm not quite sure why my legs look so funny and pale here...but anyways.
There's been something weird going on with my comments, especially in the last post; several of them never showed up after I accepted them and some of them even disappeared. I have no idea what's going on, anybody ever experience the same thing or know what to do about it? So apologies to anyone if your comment doesn't show up and I don't get back to you...Blogger might have swallowed it up.


fashion westie said...

The photos are lovely..ahh, Paris.

Your dress is cool-an iconic piece to own. Great outfit!

The Runaway Dress said...

Loving photos, taken at a lovely place while wearing a lovely outfit.

Luci Ana said...

I absolutely love your Outfits, these photos are amazing. I follow you, beautiful girl.

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures. I love that dress!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I THOUGHT I saw the Eiffel Tower in the background of one of those pictures! ;)

You look adorable and I'm obviously super jealous that you're off in France. Such a beautiful city!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Seema said...

Great outfit, I love the hint of red and the layering. The photography is amazing too :)


Kayraheart.fashion said...

Beautiful Pictures!! U look Adorable as always!!

Leah said...

I love the layering you did in your outfit... the dress is pretty.

I'm also having problems with the comments. I think there's a problem with blogger. xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos!
Love your look!


Bijou's Style said...

love your outfit! very well put together!

great pics! i want that cake!!



Isabel said...

looks like such a fantastic trip!

Lynzy said...

You look gorgeous and that dessert looks delicious!!

xo Lynzy

shoeless simone said...

These are lovely pictures! I love the red peeking out of the blazer

-Shoeless Simone

Trevor said...

oooh this is a great post! yay for more fance pics ^_^ i love this outfit! its all stuff ive seen before but i dont think its ever been put together before. the scenery is awesome too! love all the water and the buildings all in one, and i noticed the statue of liberty is in the background, so cool! also love the fish necklace and the ring =] my favorite pics are first second and third pics fosho, but i reeeally like the first =]
oh and all the extra pics of the city and the effile tower are amazing =]

hélène said...

Damn girl you're missing me miss paris like crazy!!! And love that dress too :) xx

Laken Linnea said...

woww this blog is GORGEOUS. :)
thanks so much for your comment, means so much!
love always,

Eli said...

sigh, making me miss Paris!

blogger was having weird problems last night with my comments too...but I think it's working now?

Hayley Golightly Style said...

love these pics! I'm so jealous of your Paris trip! The layering in this outfit is too cute!! Love the blazer :))


☁ christine ☂ said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I really love it! You have amazing style and photograph so beautifully. Following now. :)

Paris looks so fun, I wish to visit one day soon.

Liz, love. said...


how lucky you are...
love the photo of the Eiffel Tower.


le pearl said...

My goodness you lucky girl <3

I wish I could go to Paris!

ps: what cam do you use? xx

Fashion Butter said...

Love the pops of color - you always have such beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I uber-love your blog. thanks for dropping-by Fashion Toy Gun. I really appreciate your comment. have to follow you. and BTW, the military jacket was also a DIY. :)

Fashion Toy Gun

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I bet your heart was just beating a bit faster from excitement your entire trip!!! Your outfit is very chic.

I had the same problem with comments yesterday. Some of them are just gone.

Fashion wild said...

Thank you very much for your lovely comment! I love your blog so much and you are so pretty! I follow you now!!
Love <3

Jes said...

So chic. That dessert looks scrumptious indeed xxx

J. said...

I'm having comment issues as well...

I love that dress, I don't remember seeing it! Paris looks lovely and dreamy even if it was cloudy! thanks for sharing!

Gets said...

I love your outfit here, the pink detail's pretty and really stands out (: Awesome photography too, the shots are beautiful. (:

Thanks so much for stopping by too, really appreciate it! :D I'm definitely following to see more of your outfits, follow me too? <3



Adele said...

You look fantastic here! Hope you had a great time in france... do you ever visit London! Oh and I think blogger have been having problems!

- Adele

heleen said...

Paris makes the most amazing backdrop for any kind of outfit photo, whether the sky is gray or not! I really like all the seperate elements in your outfit - the pop of pink/red, your striped scard, the pretty necklace and of course that gorgeous dress. You all paired them so nicely!

Kara Marie said...

what an awesome boat! you look great i love your outfit!!!!!

Asta said...

Great outfit, love how you combined the print dress with the blazer and the striped scarf, very cool!

AlejandrA said...

your outfit is perfect!
great photos!


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

something's weird with my comments too..good thing i have e-mail alert to so i have the comments there.

anyway, i love your sandals...and the layering you did -- especially the pop of pink. wish i can go to paris...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Marloes. said...

Hi sweety, thanks for your comment.
I really like your photos, great blog!


Anthea said...

Great style, great pictures, great blog!

I am so glad you visited my blog because I found yours!

I am adding you to my Bloglovin account right now.

Embracing Style

Meg said...

Thanks for following! I love your looks, they are always amazing!
Love this one, the blazer and the scarf are perfect for each other! Absolutely love it!!


Laura Tenshi said...

About the comments problem, don't worry. The same thing happened to me and they will appear later on. Love this dress with the face print and the cardigan underneath the blazer. A pop of color really makes your outfit chic

xoxo S. said...

Hey :):)
You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
Very cute outfit :)
I've just found your blog, but now I can say I love it :)
perfect blogger :)
best wishes, xoxo S.

Lauren said...

Loving the layering! Gorgeous shots. Have a lovely week xx

KcomeKarolina said...

love your sandals! love them absolutely!!!
cute blog!!!
thank you for your sweet comment! hope you will come back soon :)

Jonna said...

Beautiful pictures. x

Ana Larruy said...

Thank you darling!
How lucky were you! I want to go to Paris very soon, I'm in love with this city!
take care beautiful,

Ana Larruy said...

Thank you darling!
How lucky were you! I want to go to Paris very soon, I'm in love with this city!
take care beautiful,

gorgeousclara said...

beautiful pics

I was in Paris last summer...I so wanna go back...

Leia said...

what lovely photos! I love the seine. and your outfit is so pretty :)

Leia's Delights

Isquisofrenia said...

so jealous of your dress and paris im jealous too!
one day ill be able to visit there

Mumbles said...

your blog is so good,
I'm following
those photos are awesome
and I love your sandals, they're so so nice


Sofie said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the first one. Wow, Paris! I'm so jealous, looks lovely :)

Your blog, photos and style is amazing! I cannot believe you don't have more followers, you should have at least 600. Anyway, now following~!





Ana Martín † said...

Love the first outfit! The jumper, the sunglasses and the boots! Really cool! ;)



that girl lucy said...

looking gorgeius, love the tee dress. and amazing paris photos! just found out that i'm deffs spending about month mostly in frnce and also trvelling around lower europe in 2 years, can't wait! x

Emily said...

Oh! A fish necklace! And I love your sunglasses in the above post too!

I'm adding you to my bloglovin right now... I'd be delighted if you wished to add me... ; )

Jehh said...

dream city that I am so so desiring to go to! ok, I surrender, I'm going to follow you now! <33