April 23, 2010

pearl of the orient.

Here goes a review of Hong Kong and my favorites spots there, at the request of Elaine of clothedmuch. Hope it also helps or is enjoyable to anybody who wants to visit, will be visiting, or just wants to see more photos.


Laforet: 24-26 East Point Rd, Causeway Bay
Definitely my favorite. It's a two story mall packed with small boutiques, most of the stuff is imported from Japan or Korea. Prices are quite reasonable, especially the shoes, and if you're looking for something popular right now (like lace), there's a million choices to choose from. They have a website, but the products on there don't look a lot like what they actually carry, oddly enough.

Island Beverly Centre: 1 Great George Street, down the street from Laforet
Second favorite. It's a lot like Laforet except larger, and the clothing they carry is edgier. They also have some more expensive shops. Beware of the confusing floor plan

Granville Identity (g¡): Granville Road, Tsim Tsa Tsui
You can everything from feathered headbands to suitcases here. It's several stories high and also has a confusing floorplan, but has a great selection of unique-well, everything-that makes up for it. If anything, check out the jewelry.

Argyle Street Mall: Argyle Street, Mong Kok (go out exit D3 at the MTR Mong Kok station)
After you go up to the 2nd floor you'll discover half of this mall consists of normal, small boutiques...and the other half is full of cramped stalls and shops where you can buy things for dirt cheap. I got the lace skirt from this post from one of those stalls.


Suzuki Cafe: various locations in Hong Kong
A coffee and tea shop-slash-restaurant that does western foods in a Japanese style, but it's not like usual fusion. Their pasta is delicious, and so are their desserts...very reasonable prices as well.

Pacific Grill: 4 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central
SoHo is packed with tons and tons of small restaurants, you can get everything from Thai to Lebanese to Mexican. This particular restaurant is my favorite in SoHo, it's not just that they have great food but they have three course meals for just $88 HK, which is only about $11 US. Crazy. (Photos below)
Shanghai 369: 30-34 O'Brien Street, Wan Chai
This is closer to one of your more typical local restaurants...not very clean but inexpensive and has great food. If you go, try their thin noodles and beef in curry soup (providing you don't mind curry).

Honeymoon Dessert: various locations
I normally am not a fan of Chinese desserts, but I love the ones here. Their desserts are also quite unique. The ones with fruit are the best...and if you don't feel like dessert, they have delicious iced fruit drinks (especially the Mango Iced). You can check it out

If you comes across one, you should also try some of the food stalls around Hong Kong. They're clean, no worries. I see them mostly around Tsim Tsa Tsui or in Causeway Bay by Times Square...they serve a variety of things such as curry fish balls and squid, waffles, and these egg-like pastry things.

General Tips

You can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of water-resistant shoes. The rain can be pretty unpredictable...especially in the summer. A small typhoon hit one time when I was one a golf course.

Bring bug spray/mosquito repellent during summer as well.

Watch your belongings carefully, especially in any place that's crowded, whether it's the MTR (subway) or Starbucks. Last summer, my uncle sat down to have coffee at Starbucks and got his briefcase stolen within 20 mintues when it was by his feet and he was sitting across from two people.

Keep light outerwear with you during warm weather. Malls and restaurants are usually kept extremely cold.

Finally, transportation. Taxis and the MTR are most convenient, other than walking. The bus system is really complicated, I don't take it unless I'm with someone who knows it. But avoid the MTR during rush hour, it's hopeless to try to get on a train...or even breathe.

Hope this was helpful and/or enjoyable!


J. said...

I hope to someday visit...great tips!

electricfingerprints said...

the food looks delish!
I don't think I'll ever find myself in HOng Kong to be able to try it, but you never know!

-- maya

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures!

allthatlace said...

I can't believe your Uncle had someone snatch his briefcase when he was in public!! That's crazy! Certainly different from anything one would experience in Tucson, Arizona. Ha. Looks like an amazing place to visit


Elaine said...

Emily, thank you SO much for the information! My husband and I were sitting here reading it together... :D I need to save this page so I can print it in a couple weeks. Thank you again!!!!!

Misery said...

Amazing photos :)

Jenny said...

mmm...the food looks so yummy! One of my favorite aspects of traveling is trying new cuisine!
Thanks for the comment on my blog! Have a lovely day!

Sofie Marie said...

Wow...amazing photos,I would love to visit hong kong.
Thanks for commenting on my blog,and sorry it's took me a while to reply.

*Coco said...

oh, wonderful like everytime.
i wanna go to hong kong too.

Trevor said...

very informative and very enjoyable. i loved the pics! the food sounds delicious as well =]

by Jessica Skeide said...

Cool pictures and thanks for the comment:)

Sophiemei said...

look so yum!!!! i really wanna HK again!


HK seems to be a fantastic city to discover...I am fascinated by the asia culture and people...

Amazing tips!!!

tailorstitch said...

would love to visit one day, thanks for the tips

Macy said...

I am absolutely in love with your sheer knit... it's gorgeous!

Esther said...

your post will be a great great help when i head there next week! i heard about the erratic thunderstorms too :( ahh, crossing my fingers. i'm looking forward to all the shopping & dim sum! & thanks for the general tips. peak hour is around the same i presume, 8-10am & 5-7pm thereabouts?