April 1, 2010

harness me.

diy harness, f21 tank and sunglasses, black orchid jeans.

Finally finished it! Unfortunately, I didn't think about taking any photos during the process of making my harness so I can't really do a proper diy post with instructions and photos. It'is a pretty simple project though, it just requires patience and accuracy in measuring (which I wasn't so good at because I was too lazy to go hunt down a ruler).
For those who were wondering, the harness is made of 1 yard of elastic (for the waist) and 3 yards of ribbon (for everything else). Width is up to you, I chose 3/4 inch for elastic and 3/5 inch for ribbon. I made the waistband first, then the portion that forms the straps in the front and goes around the back of the neck, then the two vertical straps in the back and the ladder-like-strap-things.

If anyone wants, I can do a post with step by step instructions.

The ultimate harness, though, I think is this one by Bliss Lau.


fashion westie said...

The finished harness looks great!

Joyce said...

ooo i agree. that's gorgeous!
good job on your diy =)

Trevor said...

omg the harness turned out amazing! its soooo cool! i also really like your jeans, your so pretty =]

michelle_ said...

that body harness is gorgeous !
in the 3rd pic, i thought you sorta looked like me when im wearing the same white ray bans.. haha..
i think its bcos of the same side swept bangs :D

ps* that notebook on the prev post is funny !

I am Khatu said...

great job!

Dee said...

Oooh I am super impressed with your mad skills my dear. That harness looks really cool. And I love the acid wash jeans :)

Audrey Allure said...

Your harness looks awesome :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic, darling!
Love it!


STARR said...

great job <3

The Petite Blogger said...

great diy!!!! love ur jeans!!!! so cool!

awesome blog girl!

xoxo jenna

Miri said...

Wow! I love this look!

CaterpillarInCouture said...

The harness looks amazing :) good job Emily!The acid wash jeans are lovely, I like it :)

Jade Rich

coy colleen said...

i love your creation and all the acid wash is a great look
if you had chains you can definitely make something as gorgeous as bliss' harness

Amy said...

All acid wash with the harness looks AMAZING. Well done!