March 26, 2010

castaways and cutouts.

drit jacket, leyendecker top, aqua skirt, theory heels, target tights and leg warmers, h&m socks, vintage necklace, hairbow from when i was five.

We had a free dress day at school (hooray!) and my friend and I wanted to do something a little extra instead of wearing the standard issue jeans and a t-shirt because, I mean, what the heck. We might as well, and as long as we were "appropriately covered", detention wouldn't be a problem. So the two of us decided on something lightly inspired by Harajuku, which turned out to be quite fun (and got a lot of questions), even though it ended up being boiling hot by the end of the day.

And speaking of Harajuku, I absolutely fell in love with these two looks from Style Arena. The layering is fantastic and I want that red fedora.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Love the color of your tights, they add such a nice touch to the outfit.

Sophiemei said...

pretty cute this outfit!! i love the bow necklace, is it maade of pearl!? im so happy to see ur off-uniform day, why we always need wear uniform in compulsory! i dont like my uniform in dark awful color. hahha~ btw have nice weekend

Emilie said...

Love the socks!

Fashion Tidbits said...

both of you are totally cute! said...

thanks for the comment; lovely looK!
i like the purple jacket and the black and white is cutttte!

Mel said...

Adorable! I love your skirt and the cut-outs on your blouse!

Nathalie said...

wow, this shirt with the cutouts is wonderful. Great outfit

Bego said...

I love the skirt! That bow necklace and hairbow looks awesome on you! Great look! I'm new follower! Harajuku styles rock!

Trevor said...

ooh i remember this outfit! =] these pics are soooo good! i especially love the one where your kneeling down and the first one is very pretty as well =D loooove the outfit!

Denise said...

Wow you're so cute in this outfit!i love the skirt i hope i could have one too!i follow your blog i hope you follow me too!:)

Dubai's it girl said...

I remember having to wear a uniform (only 2 years agao). Glad those days are over! lol
You look fabulous, girly! Love the checkered skirt.

I am now a follower :)

Tc, Nia B
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Stace said...

Harajuku is so fun! I love your top and the stripes and checks :)


Izzy said...

loving the Lolita style, though with a chic and grungey twist

Swamped in Flowers

tailorstitch said...

i used to love days when i wouldn't have to wear my school uniform, its good you had fun with it. totally loving the style of the last girl

Audrey Allure said...

Love your top, love the cutouts!

Romany said...

That is such a cute outfit, especially the bow! Love that you've gone against the typical jeans/t-shirt, this is so much more interesting!
I'm so glad you enjoyed my beauty post, there's nothing better than positive feedback. Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

M. and O. said...

Style Arena in Tokyo? I really love. Real fashion is in asia

(News on

STARR said...

very cute, you look so pretty!

Clara said...

lovely look
i love your skirt

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

This is a beautiful skirt

LOVE your outfit and blog!!

I will read every day :)

check mine out


Charlotte Elise Jay said...

This is a beautiful skirt

LOVE your outfit and blog!!

I will read every day :)

check mine out