February 28, 2010

let's play pretend.

photos from: fashiongonerogue.

The sun was deceitful today...when I woke up it was bright and shining; halfway through lunch it decided to quit and let a chilly and windy rainstorm take over. Even better, after my friend's party last night, I am semi-immobilized by a bruised tailbone, a bruised leg, and blistered feet (no, this isn't the product of drinking ourselves into a stupor and doing idiotic stunts, this is the product of going back into the day and rollerskating).
Ah, the consequences of fun.
It became obvious I needed to find something to amend the gray weather and not being able to walk without wincing. The answer: Lula's Strawberry Shortcake inspired spread! Makes me think more of fairies though.
Now I want a tutu and some striped tights. Maybe a magic wand to warm it up ten degrees. What would you do if you had a magic wand? Haha.


I am Khatu said...

makes me wanna go buy a pair.

Stace said...

Love this spread! The lollipop colours and stripes and feminine lines - adorable!

Great blog too, I'll be back!

Stace x


Romany said...

Love this! So adorable, the models look like little dolls.
If I had a magic wand, I would wave it and remove all of the junk from our house that we've accumulated over the years, so that we didn't have to do it manually haha. We're moving house, so every inch has to be cleared out. Grr.

beingdena said...

OMG this is a gorgeous spread.


beingdena said...

OMG this is a gorgeous spread.


tess stam said...

thanks for your comment... sounds like you had a lot of fun, even if you are paying for it now! absolutely love the pics, can striped tights make me happy just by looking at them?!


Elaine said...

These look sooo amazing!!! I want a tutu.. ;)


The Style Realist said...

the first blood orange pic is captivating...


Savvy Gal said...

really cute!

Sophiemei said...

it's the LULA new issu!?? i wanna buy asap!!!