February 25, 2010

february air

dress: nameless boutique in hong kong. bag: chloe. shoes: belle by sigerson morrison. necklace: martin + osa.

It was one of those "unnaturally warm for this time of the year" southern California days...good for going out, even if it was just to get come crepes at this tiny place squeezed in between several restaurants. Bananas, nutella, and chocolate sauce = yum.
It's funny, my sister is scared of the man who runs it (who is, admittedly, a bit short-tempered and grumpy) because she can never hear him and she thinks he gets mad at her.


CHICMUSE said...



Maria said...

your style is cute! and the shoes are so prettyyy

I am Khatu said...

love the color on the bag. so jealous of the weather, its been cold and rainy where i live. I need to move.

Trevor said...

These are great as well! Love the one of you sitting down and the one of you standing near the sticker/little children's toys machine. Your so photogenic and lovely =]

vicks7 said...

love those shoesssss