April 12, 2014

kuala lumpur//acme bar & coffee.

38comeoncommon dress, Kara backpack, Forever 21 slip ons, Color Spark La Digue sunglasses.

And I'm back. Partially due to appreciation of a friend's demands for me to post (read: shouting at me during class and sending me all caps texts...perhaps I should replace the word 'appreciation' with 'fear'). Anyways, here are some photos from my trip to Kuala Lumpur about a month ago. I didn't get around to taking many outfit photos since my sister and I were on the trip primarily for the purpose of attending a music festival, and were mostly interested in cramming as much sightseeing and eating as possible in between. Not to mention, the weather was horribly smoggy and 'outfit planning' basically consisted of haphazardly throwing clothing into my suitcase a few hours before my 8 am flight. Meaning, of course, that there was a lot of black and white clothing involved (as usual).
On to the food. My sister and I went to Acme Bar & Coffee out of interest in their brunch but it wasn't available on weekdays (got too used to brunch being constantly available in Hong Kong), though the food was delicious anyways. Still drooling slightly thinking of their lamb koftas, as well as their interior design. And cake display. As my sister and I are both enthusiastic fatasses foodies, we then proceeded to eat lunch again about an hour later at a Malaysian restaurant...and basically repeated this process for almost all of our meals during the trip. Pretty successful maximisation of our eating experience in Kuala Lumpur, I'd say.

Acme Bar & Coffee
The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

March 5, 2014

in between.

Gap jacket, Aqua sweater, 38comeoncommon skirt, Tout à Coup boots, Opening Ceremony bag.

Seasons, that is. Sort of kind of easing into spring here, which for Hong Kong means the weather is getting unpleasantly humid (as in, water-dripping-from-the-walls-and-damp-towels-never-dry humid). But at least I can ditch my winter coats and bring out the leather jackets, as well as bare my vampire-level pale legs a bit. Still surprised that my almost eternal (meaning five years) hunt for a simple black leather motorcycle jacket that wouldn't break the bank was solved by Gap. As for the pale legs, I'll be attempting to change that this time next week by flying off to a much hotter and sunnier location for a few days. My goal now is just to get the rest of those photos from Japan up before I leave again...did I mention that I'm an excellent procrastinator?

January 22, 2014

arashiyama, narnia and other things.

COS sweater, Sly jeans, vintage scarf, Papermint bag, Zara heels.

Photos from the third day of my trip to Kyoto. My sister and I discovered this very photogenic path on the other side of a tunnel near our hotel and proceeded to dub it 'Narnia'...mostly because the tunnel looked somewhat dark and vaguely creepy from afar, so we didn't expect to find much on the other side. Especially since the last time I walked through a somewhat dark and vaguely creepy tunnel was when I was 10 and resulted in my discovery of a graveyard as the sun was setting. Safe to say that 11 years later, I have at least become intelligent enough to explore such tunnels in the morning instead of the evening (I was, however, not intelligent enough to notice that I dropped my scarf on the way back to the hotel, and had it returned to me by a nice grandma).
After that I headed over to Arashiyama for most of the day, which ended up being my favourite spot this trip. Meaning I took too many photos and caused my camera to die by dinnertime. Here's a couple photos including Arashiyama's neighborhoods, the Oi River and some food, because I couldn't resist. Contemplating a post dedicated to the desserts I consumed in Japan at the moment...

January 7, 2014

sanjo dori, kyoto.

COS coat and sweater, Rag & Bone jeans, Papermint bag, Sole Mio boots, Gap scarf.

Some quick outfit photos I took during my trip to Kyoto at the end of December. Don't mind my somewhat blank and tired expression...if I remember correctly it was about 9 a.m. (equivalent to the middle of the night for me), it was freezing (only because I have terrible tolerance for cold weather) and my feet were on the verge of falling off from an unexpected (and steep) hike up to the Arashiyama Monkey Park the day before. 'Unexpected' meaning that I did not Google beforehand and therefore didn't know the park was located at the top of a mountain, resulting in me donning hiking-inappropriate footwear. But the result was that I got to feed some baby monkeys, so it was all cool. Anyways, more photos and outfit posts from my trip to come. Just warning you guys ahead of time...I might not succeed in refraining from plastering my blog with food porn.

January 1, 2014

rose gal + happy new year!

Rose Gal sweatshirt, Moussy jacket, vintage skirt, Zara bag and heels.

Happy New Year everyone! Just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers for visiting/continuing to visit a documentary of me derping in front of a camera in different clothing my blog. Hope you all enjoy/enjoyed your New Year's celebrations, and here's to making 2014 the best year yet.
I started off on a good note sartorially by 1) finding this warm, shaggy rug of a jacket on sale the day before New Year's Eve and 2) receiving this beautiful McQ Alexander McQueen-inspired swallow print sweatshirt in the mail from Rose Gal just in time for me to ring in the new year. It fits in perfectly with my largely monochromatic winter wardrobe...maybe a bit too perfectly, considering that I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to decide whether to dress it up or down. Many thanks to Kate from Rose Gal for sending this piece over! Check out this piece from their website for a fuzzy-rug-like jacket similar to the one I'm wearing above (but in different colours). And if you're not into fuzzy rugs, this draped coat is one simple and versatile piece I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. On another note, it's currently 6 am...time for me to stop blogging and start sleeping off my New Year's festivities.